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How Do You Develop Your People?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

"Three dimensions of change will soon propel your industry and your business forward, or leave it languishing—depending on how you choose to embrace them."

We live in an era of constant change—and, yes, even that is changing! 

Because change is not a constant, it is a function of many variables. And when these variables include connected people, they interact in non-deterministic ways.  Which is why change at times looks like a slow, ebbing tidal force, while at others it comes in and goes out like a tsunami.   

Three dimensions of change will soon propel your industry and your business forward, or leave it languishing—depending on how you choose to embrace them. These dimensions of change reside in your people, in technology and in the nature of work, as follows:

Your People. You know the workforce is changing. Yours may be maturing or infused with youth--or both; it may be fluid and virtual, or highly structured; distributed or centralized—or any combination of forms. As more jobs get replaced by automation, and as global trends bring more of us together, the unique abilities of people working together become even more prized, making "soft skills" training the top priority for your people.  Regardless of how you think about talent development, there will always be someone improving their way of attracting, developing and retaining the best. The way others develop and grow their people and workforce capabilities may be inferior to yours, or it may be poised to win in your market. It can’t be both.

Technology. A confluence of technologies, most notably Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is changing at once our potential—what we are capable of realizing—and our perceptions of reality. While billions are being invested in technologies that aim to win our affections and steer our behaviors, “a small group of thoughtful, committed people” is working to democratize VR and AI; forging them into experiences that realize their higher purpose as tools of incredible personal and organizational transformation.  We are VRAINIUM. 

The Changing Nature of Work. At a time when people and technology are combining to create new forms of organization and work, while social and regulatory forces are colliding with market forces to create new realities for your customers, your partners, and your business, the need for accelerating your people development has never been greater. As the way we work is changing, so the way we think about our workforce must lead the way. Those who can see ahead will lead in transforming how value truly gets created, while old ways of both learning and production will be selected quite naturally as case studies for the dustbin of history. Are you ready to lead the way with us?  We want to work with you! 

“The most important software for enterprise transformation is not in the cloud. It dwells in the hearts and minds of your people.” 

Technology will not transform your workplace, only the transformations you lead will do that. But a confluence of technology advancements is on the horizon that will, for the first time, enable harnessing the power of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace to truly transform the way we interact with each other, with our partners, customers and others, to create sustainable advantage in a changing world.  Leading people and cultural transformation can’t wait. We invite you to partner with us in taking soft skills training to the next level to create a market winning workforce. Let’s talk! 


Dean Slawson


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